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Got a Pet? Get a Vet! Contest 2018
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1756 votes
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Mountain View Veterinary Hospital

Dr, Renee Ferguson & her amazing team provide exceptional veterinary care and customer service. They go above and beyond what is expected. They truly care about their clients and the well being of animals. They also dedicate so much of their time and skills to the community. They clinic is extremely involved LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) and Tiny Kittens in Langley. They are also committed to the feral cats in Langley with the Trap, Spay and Neuter events & program.

936 votes
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Dr Pauline Van Veen-VCA Barrie Vet Hospital

For the last 5 year pauline has been the Vet for Finding Them Homes. She comes in on her days off, late night visits and even Sundays. She also got her remote license so she could come and do spay and neuter clinics in the remote north of Ontario.

Her love for animals does not go unnoticed by anyone in our rescue. Every dog receives the care they need, as soon as possible, and she treats each as her own.

There is no other veterinarian more deserving to win than pauline who has dedicated her entire life, 24/7 towards animals.

298 votes
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Clarington animal hospital

I take my pet ferrets to go see doctor bill at Clarington animal hospital and he is fantastic with them and he knows what he is talking about and i really like all the staff there thay all are so nice and treat my pets with love and respect and all the attention that they want and thay talk to me about stuff that I need to know about my pets health thay are just very good there and very respectful

247 votes
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Grand Ave Pet Hospital

Grand Ave Pet Hospital and the entire staff go way above and beyond. They very much deserve to be submitted. Wonderful clinic with hearts for every client and pet through their doors.

135 votes
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Leamington Animal Hospital

The most caring 6 days..lowest cost for energencies ..Leamington Animal Hospital goes above & beyond for their clients

119 votes
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Clearwater Animal Hospital

Our Dog Coco had fallen through a pile of snow/ice a few years ago we thought it was solid snow she sunk in. Injured both her back ACL’S she needed surgery, we thought we were going to have her put down as we couldn’t afford it, our WONDERFUL veterinarian Dr. Gill offered payment plan called in a surgeon Because of his genuine care and love for our Coco we still have her today. Our Dog just melts like butter every time she sees him. The best Doctor Ever and awesome person. Our dog dressed up as Dr. Gill on Halloween ...

110 votes
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Dr Jen Farr

Dr. Farr goes above and beyond in her service to pets that would otherwise not receive care. She works at a low-cost clinic, as well as an emergency veterinary clinic. Her greatest contribution is traveling to remote and First Nations communities with the Welland SPCA mobile animal hospital. Dr. Farr has performed over 1,200 surgeries and 1,700 wellness exams as part of the mobile outreach team since 2014. Dr. Farr, along with the mobile and the surgical team, travel the province providing service to communities whose pets would otherwise not see a veterinarian. These animals are now spayed or neutered ...

86 votes
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Brockville Vet

The Brockville Vet gives animals of all ages love and care. Our new puppy Tori loves the staff that work there. The staff is warm and welcoming, that our puppy Tori doesn't want to leave! The vet stands for very excellent treatment.

80 votes
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O'Sullivan Animal Hospital

Dr. Trish O'Sullivan has been our vet for 15 years. She is extremely knowledgeable - always goes above and beyond the call of duty to care for our kitties with true care and compassion.

65 votes
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Dr. Steve Ball, Brookville Clinic

Dr. Ball and his staff have been compassionate when dealing with our elderly dogs, and they are very patient with our rescue dog who tries to bite them!

63 votes
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Dr Mahovlich/Elgin Animal Hospital

Dr Mahovlich has been my vet for almost 12 years. He's patient and understanding and goes well above and beyond for both the pet and the parent. He listens to your concerns and offers great advice. He's absolutely wonderful with my dogs (even my anxious one who doesn't like men) and he's super gentle with them, relieving their anxiety. He never pushes you to do anything you don't want to and his first priority is making sure you're comfortable with anything treatment plan he recommends. He's absolutely awesome!

61 votes
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Dr. Brent Babcock/Lynden Animal Clinic, Lynden, Ontario

Dr. Brent Babcock and the staff of Lynden Animal Clinic provide outstanding care to their animal clients and pet parents. They go out of their way to ensure the needs of their clients are met with each visit and throughout the lifespan of the pets that are entrusted to their care. Dr. Babcock, his wife Robin also donate their time and resources to many animal charities and rescue organizations such as Morinaga’s Mission which is located in the Sabaneta region of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Its through their unwavering dedication and care that this organization has been ...

57 votes
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Dr. Vlad Stefanescu - Yonge-Davenport Pet Hospital

Dr. Vlad goes above and beyond the call of duty. Open 7 days a week and always willing to help all dogs and cats. Him and his team also work with some great rescues and they practice great medicine at affordable prices. I couldn’t recommend YDPH more.

53 votes
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Dr. Gwen Robertson & Campbellford Veterinary Services

Gwen Robertson and the staff at Campbellford Veterinary Services take such great care our girl Raven when she’s sick by providing her with the most exceptional care. The staff are always so friendly and the make you feel welcome and right at home. They’re always able to squeeze us in right away whenever I call and let them know Raven isn’t feeling well and needs to visit the clinic. About 2 days after we’ve been in the clinic for an appointment, they always call and check up on Raven to see how she’s doing! Campbellford Veterinarian Services really do care ...

48 votes
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Animal Hospital - Drs. Greg McWatt & Molly Robinson

Dr. McWatt & Dr. Molly go above and beyond. When we had a difficult decision to make they helped us through every step of the way and offered their support and understanding. Especially Dr. Molly -she showed us much compassion as we had to say goodbye to our beloved family member (our 13 1/2 yr old golden retriever Mya). The entire staff at the Animal Hospital should be commended on a wonderful job. Also, with our other pets - 1 dog and 1 cat they offer the same support with the day to day to care for our wonderful pets. ...

43 votes
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Dr. Patricia Lechten, Allandale Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Lechten is personally donating her services and all veterinary expenses for our "facility' service dog, Daisy. Daisy is owned by Hospice Simcoe, a registered charity that provides end of life care in the community and at our residence in Barrie. All our services are provided at no cost. Daisy does amazing work comforting our residents and their families. Dr. Lechten is a very caring doctor with a busy practice in Barrie, Ontario. We are truly grateful for the gift she is giving us and for the loving care she provides to Daisy.

42 votes
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Gorham Animal Hospital

Dr Sheri Sime always has advice to give to keep my ageing dogs comfortable and able to enjoy life. She knows they are important members of our family.

41 votes
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Callander Animal Hospital Dr Ron

Dr Ron Schweitzer has been our vet for the last 24 years and has taken care of our four golden retrievers over that time. He is so kind and caring and if need be, spends an enormous amount of his time explaining procedures and answering our questions. ( all for minimal costs to us!!!). Our friends elsewhere are charged enormous bills for the same procedures!! His staff is lovely as well. When our last three dogs had to be euthanized (one over 14 and one over 15 because of his wonderful care) he was kind enough to come out to ...

31 votes
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Egan-Fife Animal Hospital in Chatham, Ontario

Drs. Egan, Fife, and associates are outstanding. They provide care that goes over and above expectations for their patients. Pets are not fearful in their offices. They also explain all options to pet owners. They deserve this award.

29 votes
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Downtown Animal Hospital

Dr. Mogavero is a huge personality , with a heart the same size. I feel like I'm an extension of his family when I take my cats to see him and his top notch staff. Trust is a key word in a relationship with a vet and I trust him 100 percent.

28 votes
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Harwich Vetranary

She is a very compasionate vet. Always there for every and all needs .Never too busy to treat or explain whatever is going on. Calls and comes at every hour. She is by far the best .

28 votes
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Dr. Erik Sjonnesen- Malton veterinary services

Dr. Erik Sjonnesen is a caring and compassionate veterinarian. He explains all procedures and cares about his patients.

27 votes
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Guelph Animal Hospital

I’ve recieved the best and most compassionate care from the team at Guelph Animal Hospital. Even with exotic pets (ferrets) you get the same level of service and knowledge as dogs and cats. A very comprehensive team with very skilled vets, techs, Etc.

26 votes
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Dr. Garrett Jack / Hyde Park Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Jack and his staff offer extremely knowledgeable, accessible, and affordable veterinary care. Dr. Jack himself always takes the time to really listen to owners, to thoroughly and carefully check the patient over, and always makes sure that discussions are had in lay terms so that owners truly understand the conversations. He does not push unnecessary tests/treatments, and genuinely takes all aspects of patient care into consideration. As a vet tech I am extremely picky about veterinary care, and I can say without hesitation that I am 100% satisfied with Dr. Jack and his techs. The clinic's cutting-edge 'vaccines for ...

20 votes
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The Animal Clinic, Mutual St.

Dr. Matthew Richardson is the BEST ! Here is a person you can email to when he is on vacation, and you are stressing because your dog is doing something you think is weird, and he replies immediately. He totally understands about nervous parents. The care our 14 year old dog has had from this wonderful Animal Clinic and Dr. Matthew has been outstanding. He doesn't try to oversell treatments and always tries for the least invasive solution. When our dog had a bad shoulder he advised against surgery until we had tried swim therapy. It worked a charm and ...

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