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Battle of the Bands 2012
What happens when you just don’t care what anyone thinks? The Oxymorrons have been making music their way since the Queens bred brothers joined forces in 2009. After years spent playing and touring with other groups, it was clearly time for K.I. and D to set the New York scene ablaze in the family name. The Oxymorrons are not a hip-hop group in case you were wondering. They are not a rock group, or a pop act. They are the aftermath of a massive collision between inspiration and boundless creativity. Those that are a part of the Oxymorrons “Geeklife Movement” have coined their eclectic sound “Klasher Music” as it truly is a combination of all the genres that had an affect on the brothers as kids. Producing, writing and recording all their own material allows the Oxy's to seamlessly integrate what they hear in their head, into what the rest of us hear, eliminating the middle man. With the October 2011 release of their newest mixtape “STFU & Listen”, the Oxymorrons are poised for a huge 2012 jam packed with tour dates, new music and fresh ideas. Its always a hard road but its a lot easier when being yourself is the least of your worries. You can find out more information about the Oxymorrons at and you can listen to their mixtapes at
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