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Amaya Sexton
Drag has saved my life .. i have been loving on my own since i was 18.. getting into the gay scene i started going to the clubs and seeing drag shows:) i did a talent show and i won , ever since then i have a deep passion to entertain people ! i say that drag saved my life because without it i could be doing drugs or whatever else. i work 5-6 nights a week and i truly love my job and not a lot of people can say that ! i do drag also because it pays my bills and keeps me alive its my only source of income :) im very blessed to be able to do drag and i love it so much !! its also a way to escape the real world for those few minutes im on stage and all eyes are on me :) i also do drag because it makes me feel like a star.. in high school i wasn't very popular and so now that i do drag and people want to add me on facebook and take pictures with me is an amainzg feeling !! it makes me feel liked and furthermore i feel so great about myself :) its a way to cope with the hardships of being gay and it make me feel accepted and not like im a freak or anything ! i just feel so lucky to be able to do drag and also i love keeping old school drag alive with a new school twist ! its just so fun and is my favorite hobby ever !!!
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