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"You Matter: An Exhibition of Chemical and Physical Properties"
Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental School
This video was created by Ms. Weinstein's 8th grade students in her 21st Century Literacy class. In the video, students showcase their innovative use of technology, science, mathematics, English and history in their "You Matter: An Exhibition of Chemical and Physical Properties" Project. For the project, students explored their own physical and chemical properties, while being tasked with answering essential questions in each academic subject. The project required them to not only use their critical thinking skills, but also work with their hands using woodwork, and finally, incorporating all of it with the use of technology. The money received from this grant will allow Ms. Weinstein to provide her students with the classroom furniture necessary to create an environment that supports the 21st century learner. Winning this will give our students the tools necessary to show them they matter!
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